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Delivering On-Demand Learning in a Dynamic Industry

How Canon Medical Systems uses SimTutor Author to deliver asynchronous online learning

The Challenge

To properly serve their healthcare industry clients, it is imperative that Canon Medical Systems finds innovative solutions that meet their constant need to educate and train medical technologists.

On-site education isn’t always a viable option and lacks the flexibility needed in an industry where the schedules are demanding and unpredictable. High turnover in personnel and advancements in imaging technology are creating challenges for administrative educators. The need for up-to-date training materials and educational resources for on-boarding new employees, including technologists, radiologists and cardiologists, is vital to the success of the business.

We’ve been looking for a more modern way to deliver education for the last couple of years. We’ve really needed something more sophisticated and interactive for real asynchronous online learning. SimTutor gives us that capability and flexibility.

The Solution

SimTutor partnered with Canon to create training simulations for their online education programs. Using SimTutor Author, Canon can now deliver customized training modules that accommodate asynchronous learning for their various enterprise and workstation products. SimTutor arranged a custom pricing structure with Canon that allowed Canon to roll-out quickly, yet scale their growth across their business units over time.

When we went out to look at different products we looked at about 10 different companies, and there were only two or three that actually had a real simulator. Having actual simulation allows us to deliver more value to our customers.

The Numbers

30 New Simulations Built in SimTutor Author

In the first year of using SimTutor, Canon had many unique users per month with access to their training simulations.

150 Users per Month in Year One

The number of users accessing the simulation library is growing as more employees need ongoing training and Canon scales the program across business units.

200 Users per Month in Years Two and Three

Canon Medical Systems is building a robust library of custom simulations.

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