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Bring Your Training to Life

Integrate your simulations into Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Office 365 to seamlessly collaborate, learn, and grow with your team.

Create and Train Together in Microsoft Teams

Customized Simulation Building

Work with your team to build personalized simulations for your unique needs and context. SimTutor Author is an easy-to-use platform that makes it simple to create and update simulations within Teams. 

Collaborate and Learn

You can send simulations to your teammates directly within Teams. Send a simulation in Edit mode to co-create a simulation and get their feedback, or send one to a learner in Play mode so that they can begin learning with simulation-based training. 

Get Started Fast

Use your existing PowerPoints, pdfs, images, videos, and more to build your first simulation within minutes. SimTutor Author turns passive knowledge absorption into active learning that fires the same brain neurons as completing actual physical tasks to develop muscle memory.

Harness The Power Of Microsoft Teams

Work with your teammates to co-create custom simulations in real time within Teams. Screenshare together, whiteboard, or breakout in virtual rooms as you work together to create valuable training materials for your learners. 

Level Up Your PowerPoints with Interactive Simulations

The SimTutor for PowerPoint integration gives you the power to embed your PowerPoint presentations directly into SimTutor to turn passive learning into active engagement. Virtual simulations allow learners to explore, learn, and grow anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re helping learners develop a new skill or refresh their knowledge, immersive simulations in which learners are actively practicing and making decisions, learners can bridge the gap between theory and practice to build real skills for the real world. 

Who’s Using SimTutor Simulation-Based Training


Simulation-based training is able to deliver better patient outcomes in an industry where deep knowledge is key and precision is vital. Transform healthcare education and career development by giving healthcare workers the chance to gain practical skills in a safe environment.

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Replicate the real processes and scenarios manufacturing workers may encounter on the job to ensure they know how to perform tasks safely, accurately, and efficiently. Simulations can be completed anytime and anywhere so workers are fully versed in regulations and best practices when they get to their job site.

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Offer students the chance to build real-world experience before they graduate. Immersive online simulations can significantly enhance learning effectiveness and retention—giving students the confidence and abilities they’ll need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

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Revolutionize Your Training Program

Reach out to our team of simulation experts to see how you can modernize your training program with simulation-based learning. Get in touch to see how we can partner to provide your learners with real-world experience through simulation-based training.

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